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2016 Seed Funding Awardees

We are very happy to announce our 2016 Seed Box "Seed Money" grant awardees!

Below you will see a list of the project leaders, titles, and funding amounts.* To download a printer-friendly version of this information, click here

  1. Marco Armiero of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden, is awarded 365 000 SEK to conduct one of two components of the project, "The United Toxic Autobiographies of Europe."
  2. Thorvadur Arnason of the University of Iceland in Reykjavik is awarded 420 000 SEK for "Bifrost Multimodal Action and Platform." Co-applicants include Eva Friman, Uppsala University; Steven Hartman, Mid-Sweden Univeristy; Daniel Laven, Mid-Sweden University; Peter Norrman, filmmaker/artist; and Anders Birgersson, photographer/art director.
  3. Therese Asplund is awarded 218 000 SEK for "Narratives as a Bridge-Building Practice? Exploring Thresholds for Climate Maladaptation," a visiting artist residency to be undertaken at Linköping University, Sweden. Co-applicants include Anna Emmelin, Stockholm University, and Maria Magdolna Beky Winnerstam, director/artist.
  4. Franziska Bedorf of Uppsala University, Sweden, is awarded 175 000 SEK for "The Melting Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories of People, Land, and Climate Change in East Africa."
  5. Olga Cielemecka of Linköping University, Sweden, is awarded 100 000 SEK for "Plantarium: Re-Imagining Green Futurities," together with Marianna Szczygielska of Central European University in Hungary.
  6. Tina Gianquitto of the Colorado School of Mines, USA, and Dawn Sanders of Gothenburg University, Sweden, are awarded 400 000 SEK for "Herbaria 3.0," together with Lauren LaFauci, Linköping University; Maura Flannery, St. John's University, USA; Sylwester Ratout, Elachee Nature Science Center, USA; and Terry Hodge, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.
  7. Katherine Gibson of Western Sydney University in Australia is awarded 180 000 SEK for "Urban Food Economies: Re-thinking Value for ’More-than-Capitalist’ Futures," together with Karin Bradley of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.
  8. Jennifer Mae Hamilton of the University of Sydney in Australia is awarded 75 000 SEK for her project, "Weathering the City."
  9. Hanna Husberg is awarded 111 000 SEK for a visiting artist-in-reisdence position at Linköping University titled "Troubled Atmosphere: On the Governance of Air."
  10. Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw of Western University in Ontario, Canada is awarded 275 000 SEK for "The Wild Weathering Collaboratory." Co-applicants include Maria Svedäng of Stockholm University, Astrida Neimanis of the University of Sydney, Affrica Taylor of the University of Canberra (Australia), Jennifer Mae Hamilton of the University of Sydney, Mindy Blaise of Victoria University (Australia), and Bodil Halvars of Stockholm University.
  11. Jesse Peterson of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden is awarded 88 000 SEK for "Writing with Undisciplined Discipline: An Environmental Humanities Workshop." Co-applicants include Daniele Valisena, Irma Allen, Maria Isabel Perez-Ramos, and Johan Gärdebo, all of KTH; and Olga Cielemecka and Anna Kaijser, of Linköping University.
  12. Erika Sigvardsdotter of the Swedish Red Cross University College is awarded 60 000 SEK for a writing residency exploring "The Return of Bacteria--On the Dangerous Reduction of Complex to Complicated." Jonas Gren of the Stockholm Resilience Center is a co-applicant and writer on the project.
  13. Ylva Uggla of Örebro University in Sweden is awarded 195 000 SEK for "Visualization of Biodiversity in EU Policy."
  14. Sebastian Ureta of the Universidad Alberto Hurtado in Santiago, Chile, and Linda Soneryd of Gothenburg University, Sweden, are awarded 505 000 SEK for "Assembling Transnational Toxic Bodies: Embodying and Mobilizing Responsibility on the ‘Arica Victims v. Boldiden Minerals AB’ Case."
  15. Eva Hemmungs Wirtén of Linköping University is awarded 450 000 SEK for "A Tropology of Conceptual Climate Change." Co-applicants include Sigi Jottkandt of the University of New South Wales, Australia; Johanna Dahlin, Martin Hultman, and Jami Weinstein, all of Linköping University; Lissa Holloway-Ataway of the University of Skövde, Sweden; and James Meese of the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. 
  16. Åsa Össbo and Kristin Sehlin MacNeil of Umeå University in Umeå, Sweden, are awarded 372 000 SEK for "Damage Done: Exploring the Ongoing Consequences for Sami Communities as a Result of the Swedish Hydropower Development."

* Please note that this list can contain errors. Only the official signed correspondence from the Seed Box conveys receipt of the awards and precise amounts.